Workout of the Day

Pre-Flight Checklists


Warm-ups are sometimes the forgotten child of strength and conditioning practices. On the one hand, I get it. No one ever became a stellar athlete by just warming up a bunch. On the other hand, casually running through the motions of a warm-up rather than addressing it with intention means leaving lots of untapped opportunities and performance on the table, and nobody wants that.

Every time a pilot steps into the cockpit and gets ready for flight, she goes through a pre-flight checklist. This is a safety measure and a chance to make sure the pilot is in tune with the aircraft and its status. Your warm-up gives you the same opportunity; it is your pre-flight checklist.

How do your joints feel?

Are you dealing with any stiffness or range of motion limitations that may give you trouble in today’s training? (Tell your coach -- they can help!)

Are you particularly sore?

Any injuries? (Tell your coach!)

How is your breathing? Calm and controlled, or erratic and gasping?

Do you feel generally weak and lethargic, or strong and energetic?

How is your attitude and mindset? Receptive and ready, or closed off, unwilling, or resentful?

Warm-ups are only boring and meaningless rote efforts if you make them so. Tune in and squeeze some extra performance out of that warm-up!

- PS


  • 20 min AMRAP

    • 50 DUs

    • 400m run