Workout of the Day

Practice Wisely


In the same way that you can practice the skills of, say, juggling or arithmetic, you can practice the skill of decision-making. Every time you decide not to grab one of the donuts regularly left in the office break room as you walk by, you get better at making that (or any similar) decision in the future. Every time you do go for that donut, you get better at the opposite. Putting in repeated, intentional reps of making decisions that contribute to your growth or health or whatever else will make those decisions easier the next time; on the other hand, when you practice making decisions that contribute to temporary ease or comfort over growth, you will further groove those neural pathways, making it easier to fall into those patterns of decision-making the next time.

The stakes of any given decision stretch beyond the immediate consequences. You would be well served by treating all of your decision making as practice. Practice wisely!

- PS


  • 10 min EMOM:

    • 3 power cleans (AHAP)


  • For time:

    • 300m SB front carry (AHAP)

    • Rest 2 mins

    • 300m double DB overhead carry (AHAP)

    • Rest 2 mins

    • 300m double KB farmers carry (AHAP)