Workout of the Day

Practical Practice


Would you believe me if I told you that the majority of injuries occur in the realm of everyday life? While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s probably not a heavy deadlift that’s going to tweak your back, but rather something like picking up your child, or reaching into the car to pull out groceries, or bending over to reload the paper tray on the office printer.

It turns out, your attention is going to be rather focused on your position and movement when you have a 300lbs barbell in your hands and your coach cueing your execution of the deadlift. Meanwhile, while you unload the groceries from the car, you’re trying to talk on the phone, corral your children and watch for traffic, and think about that email you need to answer when you get inside. Add to this the fact that you perform perhaps 20, 50, perhaps even hundreds of reps of a “deadlift” of sorts in your everyday tasks, and these inattentive and seemingly harmless moments add up.

This is why we practice. We practice because when life happens and it’s hard to devote your attention to having a neutral spine, hinging at the hips, engaging your lats, and bracing through your midline, it helps to have hundreds or thousands of attentive, focused reps under your belt. And with enough practice, those inattentive “deadlifts” you perform when grabbing groceries from the car will be executed with the same integrity as the heavy barbell deadlift in the gym, without demanding your whole attention.

Practice is in session every day.

See you in the gym!

- PS


  • With a partner...

  • 20 min AMRAP

    • 30 DB push press (40/25) (one partner works, one partner holds air squat)

    • 20 deadlifts (225/155) (one partner works, one partner holds bar at top of deadlift)

    • 10 burpee box overs (24”/20”) (one partner works, one partner holds plank)

  • * split reps any way

  • * partners can only complete reps while the other partner holds squat/deadlift/plank