Workout of the Day



It’s okay to be frustrated when you’re learning something new or trying to develop a skill. In fact, it’s something that you might want to consider seeking out more. The average human’s relationship with learning and development takes a sad downturn somewhere after adolescence and into early- to mid-adulthood. Watch a young child and their day is filled, start to finish, with development. They are learning always: trying new things, failing, trying again, becoming frustrated, trying again. And it works. Children are models of plasticity. But brain plasticity and development aren’t qualities that belong only to children.

A state of frustration brought on by learning a new skill, or struggling to improve a familiar skill, or wrangling to master an old skill is in fact a gateway to plasticity. Your mind and body are not stale old machines with no capacity to advance. And I would argue that the moment you take on that mindset is the moment your life starts it’s decline to the end.

So go on, get frustrated. Try something new, or dedicate yourself to mastering a deep skill, and learn to love being in that place. That’s where growth lies.

- PS


  • Stone to shoulder - work up to 1rm


  • 5 rounds:

  • In 60s, complete:

    • 100m sprint

    • AMRAP S2S (145/95)

  • Rest 90s