Workout of the Day

Planting Your Flag


What’s the thing that you consistently plant your flag in? The thing that you frequently defer to, shape your actions around, and perhaps base some of your identity on? Perhaps it’s a past accomplishment or encounter. Perhaps it’s an alma mater, literal or metaphorical. Perhaps it’s a personal quality or goal. Maybe it’s even a tragedy, an injury or offense, or some misfortune. It’s not necessarily something that you’re proud of (though it absolutely can be), and it’s often not even something you’re entirely aware of, but it is generally something significant. I’m not talking about the dressed-up and premeditated things that you would bring up in a job interview when prompted to “tell me a little bit about yourself,” but rather the things that might come up if someone were to ask your friends, “what’s are the first few things -- good or bad -- that come to mind when you think of him/her?” It is something that you cling to, claim, and shape your actions and identity around, whether consciously or (often) unconsciously.

As you might suspect, how and where you plant your flag can be either good or bad -- self-limiting or self-developing. It’s one of those tricky things that applies pressure to your thoughts and actions without you knowing it -- it can pull or push or weigh down, but it can also propel you forward and hold you up.

Of course you can’t change your past experiences or actions that lie at the heart of where these flags are planted. But you can change your future actions. It starts by asking the right questions: Where is your flag planted? What is that thing that you rest on as fundamentally you and yours? Is this what you’d like to rest one? Or is there somewhere better you could plant that flag?

- PS


  • Chin-ups - 4x max

*note highest set


  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 5 power snatch (135/95)

    • 20 V-ups

    • 250m row