Workout of the Day

Piano Practice


You can imagine the challenge of learning to play the piano if your instructor only gave feedback at the end of your 45 minutes session. He would unload a list of corrections and critiques about how your scales were rushed, you were an octave too low on this song, you missed rest during the chorus of that song, your use of the damper pedal was a bit overbearing during another song, and so on. On the off chance that you could even remember all of the individual pieces of feedback, trying to apply them all to make improvements and corrections would be nearly impossible.

Now imagine that your instructor gave you feedback at the end of each scale, each song, or even had you pause after every measure to assess and correct. Even further, you, the student, with an ear to the music and attention to the streaming feedback that you receive with each keystroke and each pause, can engage in an ongoing process of feedback reception, processing, and correction.

If you’ve involved yourself in a coaching-led physical practice, you’ve already taken a huge step in seeking out feedback. It should be no surprise that the highest performers always have a coach (or often, coaches) to provide them with additional feedback. The next step is to tune yourself in to analyzing your own performance. And the good news is, feedback is always there, it’s just a matter of listening. In the same way that you can train your ears to hear an off note or missed timing in music, you can train yourself to be tuned into the feedback loop that you get in, for example, a fitness practice. Each rep, attempt, and step is a chance to analyze your positioning, your efficiency, your mental state, your breathing, etc. The next time you’re training, try to direct your attention to this stream of data. It may mean slowing down, it may mean using a lighter weight, it may mean that your performance on that day will not match or exceed previous best performances, but these are all temporary decrement that pave the road for long-term improvement. The road paved by intentionless and haphazard training only takes you so far; set yourself on the road of deliberate practice to set yourself up for continued progress. Make those reps count!

- PS


  • 10 min row for distance


  • Sled drag + reverse sled drag - 3 x 100’ + 100’