Workout of the Day

Penny for your thoughts...


Seriously, what do you think about when you are face down on the mat, resting in a pool of your own sweat?

Is your mind blank?

Or are you calculating your next move?

Maybe you're just waiting for someone to come by and coach you to move forward.

I'm sure the answer is different for most of you.

Let me encourage you to do something when you are down there. Get up! Seriously, get up!!!

Challenge yourself to get up differently though. Move with a purpose. If your movement is slow and methodical change it to be fast and powerful. Alternatively if your movement is fast and wild slow it down...that's right I said slow it down. Remember that the challenge is to move with purpose. Are you accessing all of the musculature that your body will allow to have fast, powerful, efficient movement? Are all of your switches and circuits turned on?

It's all to often that we see people throwing themselves at a workout with total disregard to how they are moving. This disregard is what often leads to the very unnecessary, unfortunate and unsustainably short shelf life of the modern day exercise program. Believe it or not, while there are definitely many ways to complete a task there are definitely just as many, if not more, ways not to do something.

Although you may not be super receptive to slowing down or getting to depth while you lay there, on the mat, in a pool of your own sweat, we want you to be. We want you to do this "gym" thing right...with purpose...with dedicated intent and commitment.

Be smart down there kids, because you're gonna need to get up sometime.

-Learn, Grow and Succeed...Develop Yourself

Today's Program



3 Rounds
35 Double Unders (120 Singe Unders)
12 Push Press (100/70)


6x1 (60,65,70,70,75,80%)

Each Complex Consists of
1 Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
1 Snatch Balance

*Pause at the bottom of the Snatch for 2sec

3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
15 Push Press (135/95)