Workout of the Day

Own It


As backwards as it may sound, it is sometimes the very fact that results are possible and within reach that keeps people from digging into a health and fitness practice. The reality is that you can change yourself -- it’s not complicated. A moderate amount of effort, some consistency, and a touch of intelligent planning is all it takes to literally change your physical self for the better, and that's a scary idea; not because you'd rather be worse than better, but because making the decision to change your physical self requires you to take responsibility. Joining a gym, changing your diet, revamping your lifestyle habits, and ultimately garnering the benefits of improved physical capacities, health, and appearance involves admitting that any deviation in the other direction (i.e., getting out of shape, overweight, etc.) is your responsibility too. Success is easy when it falls in your lap, but when you own that success, that means you own any potential failure too. That’s a powerful thing. Own it!

- PS


  • Overhead squat - 5,5,5


  • 3 rounds for reps:

    • 60s max overhead squats (95/65)

    • 60s rest

    • 60s max hang power snatch (95/65)

    • 60s rest