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On Saturday...


I was scheduled to post something different today. Then I saw this on Saturday. I was headed out for a for a very late 2nd breakfast. Some people call it lunch, but when you eat breakfast twice I feel like you need to call it what it is.

I was driving through San Clemente and we noticed two Marines and strolling along with a sign. A simple sentence stood out very clearly.

"In 2012, over 6500 service members took their own lives."

Immediately I was shocked by the rawness of the statistic. As I continued to drive along to my destination I noticed a big slow down on the road and an even larger group of Marines with signs. Per the usual in our "busy" society, no one could stop to pay attention to what was going on around them. People started tailgating, changing lanes, getting frustrated by the commotion.

I watched as a number of cars almost caused accidents as they tried to speed out of the way of the slow moving Veteran's Affairs van that was supporting the marchers. Maybe they didn't see the signs, maybe they didn't notice all the Marines marching, maybe they just didn't care.

Are we so calloused in this day and age that our time can not be impacted by taking less than 60 seconds to pay attention to the world around us? Pay attention to the people that are moving through our shared space. I'm not talking about watching CNN or reading the Wall Street Journal. I'm asking about the people that are standing right next to you. The people that live in your neighborhood.

I heard another statistic that same day, more than 25 veterans are dying each day due to suicide. That's horrible! I couldn't help but honk and wave, taking a very brief and inadequate moment to say, "Hey I see you over there. I read your sign I see what your doing, your cause is a good one." Now maybe I am biased having some good friends in the service, but those are ridiculous statistics.

Now, I'm not trying to ask for anything or posting a link for you to donate too. This is simply an opportunity to create more awareness than I did the other day. A simple gesture that might just open someones eyes, give someone a little hope or maybe even inspire someone to do more than they did the day before.

Given all that goes on in this world make sure your eyes, minds and hearts are open people. Give someone that 60 seconds. You never know how it might make a difference.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


2 X 8 :


2 X 10 :

100 Pull Ups
*Every Time You Drop from the Bar Run 200m


2 X 5 :
*Front Squats Are Performed at 75%




*Split Jerks (75,80,85,90%)


60 Toes To Bar
40 Chest to Bar
*Every Drop From the Bar Complete a 200m Run