Workout of the Day

On Average


Change can seem daunting when you look at the big numbers. If you’re interested in losing 10 pounds of body fat, for example, that equates to roughly 35,000 calories of deficit. Big number.

But here’s the good news: big changes (like losing 10lbs of body fat) can be achieved with small changes. Rejoice! Some basic math tells us that if you cut 350 calories out of your current daily diet, you could lose about 10 pounds in roughly 100 days. That’s significant.

Here’s the secret: it’s a game of averages. Cutting out 350 calories from your diet is not hard. That’s a snack bar and a slice of cheese, or a bagel, or a piece of toast with peanut butter. We could all drop 350 calories and be no worse for the wear. But the truth is, cutting out 350 calories for one day won’t do anything. Cutting out those calories for two or three days won’t do anything either. It’s the long game that matters - the average.

Apply this principle to daily mobility: 10 minutes a day is easy; 10 minute for one day does nothing, but 10 minutes for 100 days makes big change. Apply it to exercise, reading, breathing, you name it. Big change happens through averages -- small daily changes. If you want to make the change, look to what averages you can maintain over the next 100+ days. That’s your golden ticket.

- PS


  • AMRAP 30

    • 60 cal row

    • 1 min plank

    • 40 RKBS (70/53)

    • 1 min side plank (30s R, 30s L)

    • 20 ring dips

    • 1 min reverse plank