Workout of the Day

Odd Object Buffet

2016 - YET Day 2

Before we get started with today's training. Let's talk equipment. When we design these workouts we try to keep it relatively simple, which means making the workout accessible to everyone. As you all know we have a real fascination with the Strongman implements in our gym. Utilizing an odd object promotes the idea of well-rounded functional training. Today we are going to ask you to find your own odd object for the workout.

It doesn't have to be a monster truck tire or a freighters anchor chain, but it should be something that is unbalanced and doesn't have any natural handles. I have a few examples for you to choose from.

1. 1-gallon milk jugs filled with water and sand

2. 5-gallon water jug filled with water and sand

3. Temporary sandbags - filled with sand of course (you can pick them up at Supply Line, tell them Milton sent you)

4. A bag of pea gravel5. Cinder blocks

6. A piece of furniture

7. A child(use good judgment)

8. A Christmas tree

9. A paddleboard

You get the idea...

As you can see there are a number of things that are readily available on this list. With a little creative thinking, I'm sure you can think of a few more. The idea is to have you use something outside of the gym...something in your natural environment. You could even fill a leftover Amazon Prime box with bricks and give that a go.

You're probably asking, "why should I go to all the trouble to find some dirty rocks to pick up and put down?"

The point I'd like to make is that you are surrounded by opportunities to train. As CrossFitters and gym people alike, we can get stuck in the loop of feeling like we need a special piece of equipment or a specialized program to achieve results. Well, guess what, the results are out there and they don't care if you are using a perfectly machined barbell or a sandbag. There are things you can do, things you can lift and they are all around you. The only real obstacle is you, it really just depends on how motivated you are and how complicated you want to make it.

Now get out there and find something to pick up and put down and do some training.Don't forget to post a video of your workout today.

There is $100 cash money on the line. Post a 30sec clip of you doing the daily WOD on the CrossFit No Boundaries Facebook page, click here for the link. Remember to post on our business page not the group page. Your video clip can be the warm-up, the workout, the mobility or any combination of the three.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

“Odd Object Buffet”

4 rounds for reps

Option 1

100’ overhead carry

10 ground to overhead

10 Zercher lunges(ea)

AMRAP unbroken push-ups

Rest 3min

Option 2

100’ overhead carry

10 ground to overhead

10 overhead squats

AMRAP unbroken HSPU

Rest 3min

*Post scores as total unbroken reps