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Did you know that CrossFit No Boundaries has an unofficial official book club? We’re all about training our bodies, but we’re keen on training our minds as a community, too. And the best part is, we’re opening the metaphorical doors to both members and non-members. Everyone's invited!

This round we are reading “Unplugged” by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, and Phil White (get it HERE). This book will challenge your views on your relationship with technology, particularly as it surrounds health and fitness, and give you some food for thought on whether you are steering the ship, or whether the device on your wrist or in your pocket is playing captain. Sure to provide insights, ideas, and controversy, we hope you’ll join us in reading, pondering, and discussion of "Unplugged." Our meeting will happen Sunday, October 21st at 4pm (further details to be announced).

Get reading, and come kick it with us and discuss some big ideas!

- PS


  • 7 min AMRAP

    • 7 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 7 ring dips


  • 4 rounds for quality:

    • Without dropping from the bar, complete:

    • 5 skin the cat

    • 5 strict toes to bar

    • 5 kipping toes to bar

    • 5 strict pull-ups

    • 5 kipping pull-ups

  • Rest as needed between rounds