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Now Offering: New Class Times


As we approach the 4th quarter of 2017 and enter into the fall it’s time to make a few final adjustments before the year comes to a close. School has either begun or will be starting in the next few weeks and the carefree days of summer are about to come to an end. Time for a little personal accounting… Did you maximize your personal indulgences? Or did you stay strong, remaining committed to the program?

We will be expanding our class and program offerings the week after Labor Day, beginning on September 5th.

First things first: in an effort to provide more opportunities for our ever-expanding tribe, we will be adding additional PM classes. The 4:30pm class will now be held Monday through Thursday.

In addition, our morning class schedule will include a new 9:00am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know first hand what it means to have enough time to get to the gym after the kiddos get dropped off at school each morning. No one needs to get a speeding ticket just because they were trying to get to class on time.

This fall we will also be introducing an all new speciality course. Our speciality courses offer all athletes the opportunity to focus on one specific style of training. This 8-week long course is an introduction to the discipline of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. We will teach you how to improve your movement, and in turn to learn how to move more weight, faster. This series is completely scalable without any prerequisites to participate. If you are interested in developing power, speed, strength, and all-around fitness using the tried-and-true modality of weightlifting, this is your program. We are happy to announce we will be starting this new course September 11, 2017.


Lift Strong and Prosper,



  • Pause front squat (3 sec pause) - 3,3,3,3


  • 4 rounds

  • In 90s, complete:

    • 30 double-unders

    • AMRAP ground to overhead (95/65)

  • Rest 90s