Workout of the Day

Not Immune


Being that my daily professional practice is coaching, and that I’ve spent most of the last decade digging into the what, why, and how of movement and fitness, I’m comfortable saying that I have a good grasp on standards of movement and best practices when it comes to training. But you’d be incorrect if you assumed this made me a flawless mover or in any way above receiving critical feedback. Despite knowing what I’m doing as a movement coach, I benefit from a coach’s eye as much as anyone else.

Just today, I was reminded of the value of having someone there to hold you to your best standard. I often train alone, but today a few students stuck around after the nooner class to give me some good-natured pointers, jabs, and encouragements as I completed the same workout they were still recovering from.

Knowing standards of movement (“keep a flat back”) is one thing; executing it is another; maintaining that execution, under load, fatigue, etc., is another step entirely. The nature of any sort of training that pushes progress demands constant attention to and reassessment of your performance. In other words, no one is immune to critical feedback or opportunity to improve, whether it’s your first day, your first year, or your third decade. Embrace this, and you have a lifetime of growth ahead of you!

- PS


  • Take 10 mins to establish max time freestanding handstand hold


  • With a 20 minute clock, for rounds and quality:

    • 30s front scale (R)

    • 30s front scale (L)

    • 30s back scale (R)

    • 30s back scale (L)

    • 30s GHD back extension hold

    • 30s hollow hold

    • (rest as needed between exercises)