Workout of the Day

Not If, But When


Your health and well-being is not all that different from a large sum of debt to your name. You can make your regular payments (frequent exercise, proper nutrition, moderation in indulgence, enriching lifestyle habits) and uphold your end of the deal to lead a hopefully long and satisfying life; or you can continually defer your payments until the collector comes knocking on your door to let you know it’s time to pay up. Like debt, you’re responsible for it whether you feel like you should be or not; and like debt, the more you put it off, the greater the cost becomes and the harder it is to backpedal your way out of years of irresponsibility. Unlike debt, the game of refinancing, debt forgiveness programs, and bankruptcy don’t exist to save your hide. As a living, breathing human being, you’re on the hook whether you like it or not.

Today’s continual high rates of obesity, dysfunction, and preventable disease are testament to the fact that, as a population, we are largely out of touch with the responsibility we hold for our health and well-being. Specifically, people seem to have forgotten (or never realized in the first place) that you don’t get to make a choice about whether or not your health and well-being are your responsibility; rather, the choice exists in how and when you will address it. You can address it with your daily choices, regularly making positive contributions, or you can neglect it until it all comes crashing down on you. We hope you will join us in fighting the good fight of personal responsibility and ownership. The choice is made daily.

- PS



  • For time:

    • 1 mile run

    • 5 min rest

    • 1 mile run