Workout of the Day

Not Easy


One thing that I can guarantee you is that a lifetime full of “easy” will be a lifetime devoid of growth. This notion should not be taken as something “hardcore” or drill-sergeanty or super intense, either. It’s really just a nicely packaged truism of human existence. Growth is the product of adaptation, and adaptation occurs in response to a stimulus (stress, challenge, etc.). In essence, if you’re not given any challenge in life -- if all of your encounters are easy -- you’ll never have any reason to adapt to face these changes.

Because of the world we live in today, it’s possible for a large portion of the population to go through an easy life. What used to be an inherent part of existence (physical challenges) is now an option for many of us. As such, we are given an opportunity; and with the information above, it’s fair to say there’s a right(er) and wrong(er) path to take with this opportunity.

At CrossFit No Boundaries, we’re not particularly interested in easy. We don’t want to see easy in the gym, and we don’t celebrate it. That would kind of miss the point, after all. If you find yourself doing something easy, chances are it’s time to make some adjustments, because you’re just spinning your wheels. I feel obligated to mention here that the inverse of easy is not necessarily all-out, threshold intensity. Holding a hollow body position isn’t going to make you sweat out of every pore or throw up or look super intense, but by no means is it easy.

It’s time to change our relationship with “easy” in fitness. Easy is nice -- I enjoy an easy afternoon of sipping coffee and reading a book in the sun as much as anyone -- but easy doesn’t have an absolute value of “good,” and it really doesn’t have a place in this gym. If something you do here seems easy, perhaps it’s time to step it up.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Weighted pull-up - 5x5

  • 4 rounds for reps

    • 30s max ring rows

    • 15s rest

    • 30s max jumping lunges

    • 15s rest

    • 30s max push-ups

    • 15s rest