Workout of the Day

Not Alone


No matter how much it may seem so, you are not alone in this. Whatever “this” may in fact be -- it can be the challenges of pursuing a life of fitness and health and making the time and energy for training and meal prep, or it can be related to whatever else -- the challenges and roadblocks are not yours alone. Someone else has gone through the same, and is perhaps going through the same right now.

This is not to devalue or discredit your own struggle. Acknowledging that yes, it is indeed a struggle is important. But recognizing that you are not alone and that your struggle should not be a point of shame, but an authentic part of your story, is an important first step in authoring the direction you take.

In Brené Brown’s work, Daring Greatly, she reminds readers that hiding your challenges and struggles is exactly what feeds the beast that is shame, whereas leaning into vulnerability, and communing in empathetic relationships with others who have experienced or understand your struggle, is exactly what takes its power away.

You are not alone, and you should never forget that. We have collectively built a community of like-minded people at No Boundaries who know, understand, and will come alongside you every step of the way.

- PS


  • Sled sprint - 3x100’ (5 plates/3 plates)

*record fastest time


  • 10 min AMRAP:

    • 200m run

    • 20 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 200m run

    • 20 push-ups

    • 200m run

    • 20 air squats

    • 200m run

    • 20 burpees