Workout of the Day

"No Substitutions"


I think it’s no coincidence that every restaurant I’ve been to with a firm “no substitutions policy” and a chef-driven menu has made the ranks of one of the top meals of my life. While food is certainly subject to individual tastes, it would be an error to assume that I, the consumer, know more about what ingredients should be in this dish or how that dish should be prepared than a renowned chef who has spent decades mastering her craft.

Unfortunately, steeped in the consumerist American spirit of “the customer is always right,” many people have lost sight of an appreciation and understanding of what a professional does. Our “Have It Your Way” market has convinced the masses that your choices ought to be based on your tastes and what you think is right rather than what expertise may tell you. If it does not align with what you think the answer should be, cast it aside until you can find someone who tells you what you want to hear, and then give them your dollars.

A market based on truth is slipping between our collective fingers. Quick fixes, diet pills, and low commitment sell like hotcakes to consumers who bounce from one unsuccessful attempt to another before giving it all up as futile.

Our hopes and efforts are directed towards sharing tried-and-true principles, uncomfortable truths, and undeniable results to stand as an unwavering answer in contrast to the false comforts peddled by those who go wherever the wind blows.

Truth often isn’t what you want to hear, but you can’t argue with results. Join us in the fight against fake fitness! No substitutions.

- PS


  • EMOM 12

    • 4 sandbag shoulder to overhead (AHAP)


  • 3 rounds for time:

    • 250m row

    • 10 DBL KB C&P (AHAP)

    • 60s rest