Workout of the Day

No, Seriously, It Works


Let’s have an honest conversation here.
Six weeks ago I started the Whole Life Challenge, and to be frank, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it. My diet was relatively good, with a few exceptions. My exercise habits were fairly consistent. I spent time on mobility most days. I hydrated well, I always tried to get ample sleep, and I kept up on some improvement-directed lifestyle habits. In short, I was doing pretty well. Going into it, I was excited about the WLC, as I knew it would give me an opportunity to assess my habits and give myself a soft “reset.” But I didn't think I'd be seeing any major changes, and my motive for participating was also partially out of the obligation of being a coach to athletes whom I would advise to make improvements in these departments, and understanding that prescribing such an endeavor without taking it on myself would mean towing the line of “hypocrite.” Were I not in this position, I may have shrugged my shoulders and passed on the opportunity of the WLC with a deflective “eh, I’m doing pretty well already” justification.

I really do believe in this fitness and nutrition and lifestyle stuff. I started on my coaching, teaching, and writing venture because it worked for me; I’ve seen it work and continue to see it work for countless others; I study the science that has demonstrated the many ways that it can work; and I continually dig deeper into the mechanisms of how and why it works.

But, candor time again: spend long enough doing “pretty well” and living in such close proximity to all of this and you kind of forget what it’s like for it to really work. You forget the power that it has. Intellectually, I know that it works, I will tell you that it works, I can point you to countless examples of it working, I can talk about the physiological mechanisms by which it works; but it’s easy, after some time and regularity and immersion in this world, to get away from the wide-eyed, all-in, eager, “woah, this stuff works” kind of perspective.

Well I’m here to tell you: woah, this stuff works.
I’m telling you because I intellectually know it works, because I’ve seen it work, because of the evidence that it works and how it works; but I’m also telling you because I’m in the midst of it working, despite my going into these lifestyle changes not really expecting them to make a tremendous difference.

I’m telling you because I did exactly what I would tell you to do: trust the process, do it right, give it time, and let it work. And you know what? It worked.

I would encourage you, even if you think you’re doing pretty well, to make some changes and see if it works. I bet it will.

- Preston Sprimont


  • 5 rounds, every 90s complete:

    • 150’ double dumbbell overhead carry

  • For time:

    • 10 DUs

    • 10 cal row

    • 20 DUs

    • 20 cal row

    • 30 DUs

    • 30 cal row

    • 40 DUs

    • 40 cal row