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No Boundaries Pro Shoppe: Shoulder Mobility Packages


The CrossFit No Boundaries Ye Olde Pro Shoppe is now offering specialized Mobility Packages so you can have the basic implements for your budding mobility practice with you at home, or even on the go. The Shoulder Mobility Package, available now, is thoughtfully designed to pair well with our upcoming Shoulder Mobility Clinic, happening this Saturday, August 24th.

The package will include:

- a light resistance band (perfect for exercises for shoulder stability, external/internal rotation, and overhead strengthening drills)

- a medium resistance band (ideal for band distraction mobility drills and back strengthening exercises)

- a lacrosse ball (compact and infinitely useful for soft tissue work in all the hard-to-reach places)

The Shoulder Mobility Package will retail for $32.50. For participants who have enrolled in an upcoming Mobility Specialty Clinic, we are offering an additional 15% discount, available through August 31st.

We have a limited number of Shoulder Mobility Packages. You can place your order online HERE, or next time you’re in the gym. (Discount codes will be emailed to Mobility Clinic Participants)

Happy mobilizing!

- PS


  • Power clean - 5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1


  • For quality:

    • 3x50 KBS (AHAP)