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We post the training of the day to our blog and our mobile app one day at a time, and we do so intentionally. We’ve heard many times about how “convenient” it would be if we would just post the training for the whole week ahead, and while I don’t deny that this may be an added convenience to some students looking to plan ahead on which training days of the week they’d like to attend class, this flies in the face of our principles.

The training we provide is broad and inclusive, and its purpose is to develop capacities in all areas of fitness. Practically, this looks like doing the things you’re good at as well as the things your bad at -- the things you enjoy as well as the things that you don’t prefer. And we’ve found that approaching your fitness in this way yields pretty extraordinary results, too. Strengths remain strong, weaknesses are bolstered up, and capacities continually grow -- we’ll call this the well-rounded athlete. Unsurprisingly, we’ve also observed that picking and choosing the workouts that tickle your fancy or that you feel fall within your wheelhouse does not yield such results. Sure, there is growth, but tons of untapped potential is left on the table.

Know that we have heard all of the reasons that it would be convenient to have the workouts posted up a week in advance -- so you can decide whether the workout will be hard enough for you, so you can pick and choose which training days include workouts you feel you can do, so you can plan your attendance around which movements you prefer or are comfortable with, etc. And rest assured, as real as these reasons may feel, all of them are sufficiently missing the point. Our coaching is built around delivering training that meets you at your current condition and pushes you to do what will challenge you, but remains within your capacities. We have yet to encounter a situation in which, despite limitations in ability or injury or anything else, the training of the day falls outside of the scope of what can be delivered to each and every one of our students.

Ultimately, what’s most important to note is that you always have the choice. You can read all of my words and choose to attend on the days that will challenge your physical and mental capacities, or you can choose to skip them in favor of something you feel more comfortable with, and we will not hold it against you. But we’re going to remain steadfast in operating by what we hold to be the better decision.

- PS


- CrossFit Open Prep mobility and accessory work

4min Run, Row, Ski, Bike

Assistance(light-weight, controlled reps)

Calf raise 3x12
Landmine row 3x10
Scap push-ups 3x8


Raised ankle mobility(banded) 2min/ea
Olympic wall squat 4min
Super Front Rack 2x1min ea
Keg 2min

5 OHS with weighted bands(light, slow and controlled)

10-15min skill training