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New Offering: Mobility Specialty Clinic


No Boundaries is excited to announce our newest specialty offering: the Mobility Specialty Clinic. This crash course clinic will dive into the heart of mobility -- why it’s important and what it actually is (hint: it’s not just stretchiness) -- and will take a look at how a complete movement practice involves specialized exercises to address weaknesses and imbalances.

Participants can expect to engage in hands-on practice with mobility drills, learn how mobility and movement patterns affect your performance, function, and injury risk, how to assess and address your movement limitations, and what tools you can use to address them and keep yourself “in the game” for the long run.

Stretchy or stiff, new or seasoned athlete, casual or competitive, this clinic is for you. Expect to walk away better informed and equipped to positively change your performance and function.

This month we kick off the first of our Mobility Specialty Clinics, which will be available as separate 90-minute clinics, each focusing on a specific region of the body. The first season of the Mobility Clinic will cover the big two -- the shoulders and the hips. The Shoulder Mobility Clinic will be held on Saturday, August 24th, and the Hip Mobility Clinic on Saturday, September 28th, from 9:15-10:45am.

Pricing for non-members is $40 to register for one clinic, $75 to register for both.

Pricing for members is $35 to register for one clinic, $65 to register for both.

Sign-ups are live, and spots are limited. Register now for the first clinic to reserve your spot!


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  • Every 4 mins for 20 mins, for quality:

    • 3 bar muscle-ups

    • 6 box jumps (as high as possible)

    • 9 plyo push-ups

    • 12 jumping lunges (6/leg)


  • In 5 minutes, accumulate as much time in an L-sit as possible