Workout of the Day

Never Underestimate the Value of a Sustained Contribution


I’ve probably had as many bad training days as good, and I’d be willing to bet some money that I’m not in the minority here. By “bad” I don’t mean catastrophic -- I just mean days that leave uncertainty (“am I even getting any stronger?”), days in which you don’t perform as well as expected, or days where you know your head wasn’t in it. The good news is, this is normal. The bad news is, this is normal.

What’s important is less the goodness or badness of any given day, and more the zoomed-out trendline -- the big picture. A well-respected sports psychologist frequently tells her athletes to never underestimate the value of a sustained contribution. This is a powerful idea to defer to when things don’t go as well as you’d like. Rather than becoming mired in how today went, you can rest assured that your training still added a little more to the “sustained contribution.” This applies to training, and it applies to just about everything else you do, too. Of course you have to apply yourself, and a deliberate practice will always yield greater results that one not grounded in intention, but the key is that even bad days can contribute to the overall good.

- PS


  • For time:

    • 100 unbroken air squats

    • 50 unbroken hand-release push-ups

    • 25 unbroken pull-ups

    • 25 unbroken toes to bar

    • 50 unbroken burpees

    • 100 unbroken air squats

  • *every time you have to break/rest during a set, complete a 150m row

  • 25min time cap