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Necessity is the mother of invention


Our daily lives have changed dramatically and the reality that we once enjoyed has a much different view these days. As our communities prepare for even more measures to encourage social distancing, we are faced with filling the inevitable voids that will result in these new realities. We have committed to helping you continue your pursuit of improved performance by addressing these new challenges by all available means.

This brings me to the title of today’s post, “necessity is the mother of all invention.” While a quick internet search will lead you to a conflicting view of who the author is, it is clear that the idea has been relevant for a long time. I especially enjoy this proverb because it highlights one of the most impressive qualities of human nature. We have the ability to overcome incredible challenges and create amazing opportunities. Our inventive nature has developed incredible medicines, put people on the moon, developed the ability to serve massive populations with products and services. Each of the aforementioned continues to evolve as necessity requires.

This proverb holds incredible meaning within the context of our current situation as well. This is a unique opportunity to fulfill our commitment to helping individuals in the pursuit of personal growth and development through the outlet of fitness. Through looking at current needs and allowing ourselves to learn in new ways, we can develop, new and inventive, solutions to these new challenges. These solutions will not always look familiar but if we keep a growth mindset the opportunities for development are infinite.

I invite each of you to be as inventive as necessity requires in our daily programming. Some of you will need a greater level of overload than others. Others will need an adjustment to the stimulus we are seeking. This is a practice we already follow, with each of you individually, in our on-site classes. I also encourage each of you to reach out directly to the coaches when the context of the training is not clear. We will be programming movements you have never seen or heard of and asking you to perform them with a very specific intention. You will need to be inventive with finding new tools to help us help you.

Yesterday I was so excited to receive video calls from our students, with questions. Necessity requires that I get better at communicating and using technology. My coaching must be delivered with a whole new level of clarity and proficiency. This has not proved to be an easy task for me, but seeing our community leaning in so hard and so quickly to provide immediate feedback has been amazing. Remember this “party” requires that we all keep the conversation going...that is the necessity. This is important and we need your participation.

We’ll be looking for you out there...#developyourself







03222020 - WOD

  • AMRAP 1

    • Squat test

  • Ballistic push-ups

    • 7x3

  • Floor tricep extensions

    • 1x50

  • Reverse elbow push-ups

    • 5x10