Workout of the Day



Are you a mover? Or a non-mover? Do you seek opportunities to move, jump at the chance to walk rather than drive, find yourself feeling stale and eager to move when you’re stuck idle for an extended period? Or do you seek shortcuts that limit how much you have to move, find ways to walk less, and have to exert a great deal of willpower to get yourself into the moving mood?

I’ll answer part of the question for you: regardless of how you answered the questions above, in some sense, you are a mover. As a human, you are made to move. Your physiology both permits incredible movement capacities and thrives with more movement rather than less. Moving increases life, both in length and fullness. Idless literally shuts the body down.

On the other hand, we have a choice whether we embrace and practice this innate human quality of “mover.” Yes, you, innately, are a mover; but you may still choose to live life as a non-mover. And the real challenge is that these conditions are self-begetting. Movement begets movement and non-movement begets non-movement. Live life as a non-mover and you will find it becomes harder and harder to motivate yourself to move. Live life as a mover and the opposite will happen.

Movement is more than 60 minutes in the gym a few days a week. It is fundamentally human, and it is part of how you engage with every hour of your day; and though it may be more challenging in our modern working world of offices and cars and comfortable couches, we do have a choice.

- PS


  • 5x100m sprint

  • 8 rounds

    • 30s max cal row

    • 30s rest

    • 30s max DUs

    • 30s rest