Workout of the Day

More Than Meets The Eye


Over the last few weeks, we’ve included an intentional focus on dumbbells and kettlebells in our programming. Among many other reasons for this phase in our training, we’ve chosen this focus because of just how effective these tools can be at producing the type of functional strength that barbell exercises can’t match.

Consider, for example, how heavy a front squat with two 50lbs dumbbells feels compared to an equally loaded (100lbs) barbell front squat. The 100lbs barbell front squat, for many athletes, would feel rather light. The same weight split up into two dumbbells is a different story. You can do the same math with the difference between pressing two 53lb kettlebells overhead compared to a single 105lb barbell, and so on. And while the way an exercise feels is not always a good indicator of its efficacy (i.e., just because something feels hard does not make it effective), in this case, your feelings are telling you the truth.

This phenomenon is not, nor has it ever been, much of a secret. But it’s a good reminder not to get lost in the numbers. There is more than meets the eye, and a heavier weight does not always equal a better result (this is why our standards for squatting involves a full rather than partial range of motion). It’s common to equate training quality with pure quantity (reps, weight, distance), but that is an egregious error that sabotages many athletes and coaches alike. Your success hangs on stimulus and adaptation, not arbitrary numbers.

- PS


  • 1k row time trial


  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 500m row

    • 400m run

    • Rest 1 min