Workout of the Day

More Power, Longer Life


It’s no secret that cardiovascular fitness is an important marker for health and longevity in aging populations, but did you know that power is a significant predictor of mortality?

Preliminary results from a recent study out of Brazil examined power (how quickly a load can be moved -- think along the lines of a power clean) of nearly 4,000 participants aged 41-85, and compared their performance to all-cause mortality in a follow up ~6.5 years later. They found that those who performed in the bottom 25% had a 10-13x higher risk of mortality than those in the top 25%. That’s astonishing. For reference, that’s a far stronger effect on all-cause mortality than being a daily cigarette smoker.

What this signifies is not a new notion -- fitness and health exist on the same spectrum, and the performance demands of grandma and a professional athlete generally differ in degree, not kind. The fitness space has pushed a persistent trend away from any focus on performance-minded training for the general population, and this has nothing but negative outcomes to offer us. Training for power is not a luxury or a misguided waste of time, it’s an essential element of your health and fitness.

- PS


  • 3 rounds for time:

    • 400m run

    • 12 DB push press (AHAP)

    • 20 bent over DB row (AHAP)


  • EMOM 9

    • Min 1: 12 DB hammer curls

    • Min 2: 12 DB tate press

    • Min 3: 12 DB reverse flyes