Workout of the Day

Mopping the Floors


Successful people seem to all have something in common -- they've mopped floors at some point. Of course I am speaking metaphorically, so let me dig a bit deeper.

In my own endeavors in self-improvement, I’ve sought out the stories of how others have improved themselves, found success, and made sweeping positive changes. In the same way that an amateur musician exposes herself to the music of the great musicians of present and past, I’ve looked at the stories of other coaches, leaders, and outstanding achievers in all worlds, fitness-related or otherwise, to learn from their paths. One thing that has stood out time and time again in these stories is an instance of humility and eagerness to learn that lies at the foundation of a journey to success. In the world of fitness, more often than not, this involves mopping floors.

The best coaches and leaders all seem to share the same story of offering to “mop the floors” for an opportunity to learn from the best in their business. They have humbled themselves, opened themselves up to learn from others whose value and contributions they recognize, and have demonstrated that they value the opportunity to learn by giving something in return. The story is not one of standing around passively absorbing information or ideas while offering nothing in return. It is not one of bursting onto the scene with unwavering confidence and aggression. It is not one of self-aggrandizement. It is not one of glamor, or immediate success, or being handed the keys to the kingdom. It is a story of mopping floors for the chance to be around and learn from someone else. It is a story of humility and appreciation and eagerness. And while the literal mopping of floors may have almost no bearing on success or may be entirely inapplicable to other fields or endeavors, the qualities that underlie this story can be applied in any field and at all points in the journey.

- PS


  • Farmer’s handle deadlift - 2,2,2,2

  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • Burpee box overs (24”/20”)

    • Toes to bar