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Monday Morning Motivation

We are in the midst of the Whole Life Challenge right now and the very first habit was to journal each day. This isn't a new challenge, but it is one that I have always struggled with, feeling like I didn't really know where to begin. Having found a little success and a better understanding of how to approach this task, I have continued to do this daily exercise. As I have mentioned before it really helps me open and close my day. I highly recommend this activity for everyone. We have a few more 5 Minute Journals in Ye Olde Pro Shoppe if you are interested.

This practice has helped me so much in fact, that I have started reading about how others use journalling each day. In particular, I was reading a post from Tim Ferriss how and why he journals. Somewhere along the way I spied another article titled, The Value of Aggression - An ode to Dan Gable. You can read it by CLICKING HERE. It's pretty amazing.

For those of you that don't know, Dan Gable is one of the best athletes and coaches on this earth. The man is driven to say the least. His story is amazing and I suggest everyone take a Google moment to see what he is all about. This man provided so much inspiration to me as a high school wrestler. He embodied what we all knew was necessary to be successful as an athlete.

Just take a look at his coaching record from Wikipedia...

"His teams compiled a dual meet record of 355–21–5. He coached 152 all-Americans, 45 national champions, 106 Big Ten Champions and 12 Olympians, including four gold, one silver and three bronze medalists."

His athlete records are too vast to list here but include some truly amazing feats. His training regiment was beyond the commitment of any athletes I know and it showed in his competition. He is legendary...who else do you know that would go for a run in between matches during the Olympics and not just any match, he did it before his Gold Medal match. He lived every aspect of his life dedicated to the thing he wanted and desired more than anything. In 1972, after he finished his run, he got on the mat and did not surrender a single point before winning the gold medal.

Take a minute and watch the video, be inspired. Find a practice that inspires you to do just a little bit more today, pushing the envelope even further. I never thought that a little effort in the practice of putting a few ideas to paper would lead me to amazing things...but if it leads to Dan Gable then I must be on to something. Do yourself a favor, dig a little deeper this week, do something each day that requires you to get your thoughts out.

See where it might just be incredible.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


6 x 2




Push Press(115/75)
*Every Drop of the bar complete 5 Burpees