Workout of the Day

Mistaking the Meaning for the Metric


Traditional cardio training tells you that in order to train your aerobic capacity and garner its benefits, your heart rate should remain within a particular range. In a sense, this is true. There are plenty of studies that have shown that, taking the average of a large sample of people, a particular heart rate for someone of a given age will mean they are stressing and training their aerobic system in a particular way. But all too often, people make the mistake of trading the meaning of their training (to improve performance, improve health, prepare for an event, have fun, etc.) for the metric (heart rate, body weight, steps, or whatever else).

Monitoring your heart rate or any other metric can be a valuable tool. But for the sake of perspective, consider that a doctor is not a doctor because she has a stethoscope or a scalpel. Those are her tools, and she applies them towards her meaning (healing). At the end of the day, a heart rate of 140 BPM isn’t what makes you fit or what gives your training value. Don’t make the mistake of training for your tools rather than with them.

- PS


  • 100m sprint time trial


  • 16 min EMOM:

    • Min 1: 10-20-30m shuttle sprint

    • Min 2: 10 strict pull-ups

    • Min 3: 60s side plank (30s/side)

    • Min 4: Rest