Workout of the Day

Mirror Moments


I can only hope that you’ve had the powerful experience of seeing positive change -- the results of continued effort and application -- manifest in some noticeable way.

For some, it’s a look in the mirror one morning to realize, “hey, I’ve actually changed the form of my body!”

It may be a personal record performance that stands out in contrast to where you started.

It could be walking away from a challenging interaction realizing that you engaged with sincerity and confidence.

It might be the realization at the end of a busy work week that you planned ahead, used your time efficiently and effectively, made time for yourself, and have some time left over some personal enjoyment and enrichment.

It could be as simple as seeing that you’ve consistently logged 4+ days of intentional physical activity every week for the last year.

However this looks, if you’ve been in this game of self-development long enough, I guarantee you have a few of these beautiful “a-ha!” moments waiting for you, whether you’ve seen them or not.

Of course there’s still things that need work, of course there’s still room to grow; that’s the whole point.


Do yourself a favor: look back for a moment on how far you’ve come. Your efforts are worthwhile and powerful. I’ll cheers to that.

- PS


  • EMOM 9

    • 1) Max legless rope climbs

    • 2) :60 handstand hold

    • 3) Rest


  • AMRAP 10

    • 2 rope climb ascents

    • 20s L-support hold

    • 20 alternating pistols

    • 20s L-support hold