Workout of the Day

Measurable, Observable, Repeatable


One of the central tenets of CrossFit and of our practice at No Boundaries is that of measurability, observability, and repeatability. Loosely put, this means data, and data with some interpretation means an evidence-based practice.

This is significant for a few reasons. It gives us a growing and evolving body of evidence for best practice. With continual measurement, observation, and repetition, we find what works best and what does not, and our evidence for what is safe, effective, and efficient grows while that which is the opposite is thrown away. This means a continual refinement of our practice and sharpening of our tools -- evolution. On top of this, our bent towards that which is measurable, observable, and repeatable gives us guidelines as to what goals and purposes deserve our attention. In other words, it tells us what to focus on if we want to get the most out of this health and fitness stuff, and what might not be worth our time.

A simple litmus test of “is it practically measurable, observable, and repeatable?” will tell you whether your priorities and goals are something worth hanging your hat on.

Performance, for example, gets a resounding “yes” to all three conditions. Unsurprisingly, performance, along with biomarkers of health and wellness, stand as cornerstones of a sustainable and effective fitness practice.

On the other hand, looking fit, while an okay place to start, fails or stumbles into grey areas in practical measurability, observability, and repeatability. It’s great to want to look fit (I certainly do), but it’s not sufficient to create anything sustainable or to guide best practice. It is arbitrary, loosely defined, and hardly a valuable sign of health or fitness. The same is true of subjective feelings of exertion, sweating it out, burning lots of calories, or six pack abs. It’s a cherry on top, sure, but it won’t hold up as the backbone of a sustainable and productive practice.

I certainly won’t claim that this basic litmus test carries with it the gravitas or rigor of a scientific experiment, but deferring to these principles of measurability, observability, and repeatability, along with safety, efficacy, and efficiency will time and again shape a better practice than chasing arbitrary sentiments or fancy.

- PS


  • Establish max unbroken double-unders


  • 2 rounds for time:

    • 50 double-unders

    • 40 squats

    • 30 push-ups

    • 20 toes to bar

    • 10 burpees