Workout of the Day



Recently I have added a few additional practices to my day and none of them really has to do with my physical fitness. These “practices” started with the idea that I needed to preserve my mental health. Depression is the real deal and with such an incredible amount of uncertainty, I needed some structure to stay the course. No one likes to be in the void of unhappiness because it gets really dark in there.

I made one simple decision, after the “the stay at home” order was announced, to re-organize my morning routine. Oddly, enough I wake up, even earlier, around 4 am. This time is one free of any outside distractions and incredible productivity. The day’s burdens will come eventually, regardless of what I do or don’t do. So, instead of waiting for the inevitable, I created an insulated space to be productive.

Making that decision led to action. That action, in turn, has led to personal growth in other areas. I have been engaged in what one could only describe as getting, my metaphorical house in order. My day is now fortified and more protected by practices that allow me to thrive. It only took one decision to set off a chain reaction.

We are all in control of how we choose to use our time, so seize the opportunity that is right in front of you. Time is more valuable than most of us will acknowledge at least until it has passed.

Be the director of your time, don’t sit by and wonder why nothing is getting better. Make one decision and take action.

See you out there. #developyourself







04092020 - WOD

  • Complete the following for quality

    • 3 rounds

      • 10 hollow rocks

      • 10 standing hops

      • 10 standing foot pulls

      • 10 forward hops

      • 10 alternating forward foot pulls

      • 10m sprint out

  • EMOM 24

    • Sprint/Run/jog

      • 1st Min - sprint

      • 2nd Min - run

      • 3rd Min - rest

  • Calf raise

    • 4 x 15

  • Alt single leg RDL

    • 3 x 10