Workout of the Day

Low Ceilings


It’s disappointing to see potential capped low. I remember, when I coached middle school football, watching a particular athlete quickly approach and begin to run into his ceiling. He was a talented athlete -- the most “naturally” talented athlete on our team, in fact -- but he knew it and believed it a little too much. What he had in speed and strength and ball handling he lacked in humility and therefore coachability. And so almost as soon as he started the sport, he started butting up against his potential in it.

He had likely been told all his life that he was a superior athlete, a natural, a stud, and so he was conditioned to see coaching and negative feedback as either a falsehood or a threat to his identity as the “natural athlete.” Meanwhile, I wouldn't be surprised if some of his fellow athletes who didn't have half of the natural talent he did were better athletes today (though I hope I am wrong and he was able to change his mindset).

Squandered potential is tragic, regardless of levels of natural talent. As a coach and teacher I am disappointed and saddened when I see students set such low ceilings by believing more in their current ability than in their future potential. Whoever you are, I firmly believe that you have incredible potential. The first step is the acknowledge that. The next step is to recognize that you'll need to go forward humbly if you ever intend to get there.

- PS


  • For time:

    • 300m run with (45/25)lb plate

    • 30 pull-ups

    • 30 ring dips

    • 30 pistols

    • 300m run with (45/25)lb plate

    • 20 pull-ups

    • 20 ring dips

    • 20 pistols

    • 300m run with (45/25)lb plate

    • 10 pull-ups

    • 10 ring dips

    • 10 pistols

    • 300m run with (45/25)lb plate