Workout of the Day

Live To Be 101


What would you guess are some of the top predictors of all-cause mortality? Biometrics like cholesterol levels or blood pressure? Detrimental lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking? Those would be decent guesses, but performance metrics such as grip strength, gait and walking speed, leg strength, and ability to get up off the ground actually better predict mortality. Take a few steps back, and that sounds a lot like some strongman training, some running, some squatting, and burpees.

Of course, just because something is associated with lower mortality rates does not mean that doing that things will make you invincible or immune from other causes of mortality. But the point is this: performance matters. Not just because abs are sexy, or because a 500lb deadlift is a powerful accomplishment to have next to your name, but because your performance is central to your function and health as a human. The ultimate lack of function is death, and every step away from function is a step closer to that end.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to live to be at least 101, and I think keeping an eye on function and performance might be just the thing that will help me get there. That, and burpees.

- PS


  • 4 rounds:

  • In 4 mins:

    • 500m row

    • AMRAP

      • 5 keg C&P (AHAP)

      • 5 burpee box overs (24/20”)

  • Rest 2 mins