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Limited Spots and Waitlist Opening: Mobility Specialty Clinics


This upcoming Saturday, August 24th, kicks off our newest specialty offering: the Mobility Specialty Clinic. This 90-minute clinic will focus specifically on the shoulder joint, and will address how we can identify shoulder mobility and lack thereof, why it’s important, and how you can empower yourself to address your own mobility limitations and dysfunctions. Looking beyond the worn-out model of “just stretch out,” we will address why mobility limitations show up in the first place, and how you can address the root causes of your mobility rather than continually slapping a band-aid on it. Without tooting our own horn too loudly, this course has something of value to offer to just about everyone.

Next month, on Saturday, September 28th, our next iteration of the Mobility Specialty Clinic will address the hip joint.

This weekend’s shoulder-focused Mobility Specialty Clinic is full, but we have opened the waitlist to individuals who want to have first dibs on a spot in the next Shoulder Mobility Specialty Clinic (scheduled for mid-Fall), and we still have two spots available for the Hip Clinic.

Don’t sleep on this!

Get your name on the waitlist by sending us a message, and grab your spot for the September hip-focused clinic while you still can!

You can register for the September 28th clinic HERE.

Send coach Preston a message to get on the waitlist HERE.

Stay mobile, friends.

- PS


  • Every 3 mins for 15 mins, as fast as possible:

    • 5-10-15 shuttle sprint


  • 10 rounds:

    • 30s max DUs

    • 30s rest