Workout of the Day



Training doesn’t only take place in the gym or with maximal physical exertion. There are areas with our lifestyle, outside of the gym, that can also benefit from training. These lifestyle components, like hydration or sleep, have a substantial impact on or day to day performance.

Tomorrow, April 11, 2020, we will be hosting the next installment in our Introducing Breathwork series. This special event will be guided by Coach Preston as we continue to explore some of the principles and protocols surrounding the practice of breathwork.

The event will take place at 10 am tomorrow. You can register for the Zoom by clicking here or by downloading the app for IOS or Andriod. For our current students, we will provide a recording after the final call. If you have questions about the benefits of breathwork practice this event should not be missed. If you are new to our community and need more details it would be our pleasure to assist you. Text or email us at 949-229-8049 or

See you out there. #developyourself







040102020 - WOD

In 3 rounds complete the following for quality at an 1111 tempo

  • 10 Ipsilateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Left)

  • 10 Ipsilateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Right)

  • 10 Contralateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Left)

  • 10 Contralateral Straight Leg Dead Bugs (Right)

  • :15 L-sit


  • Min 1 - 5 Athletics burpees

  • Min 2 - 10 Bench dips


  • Walking lunges