Workout of the Day

Leave It At The Door


In the same way that you would silence your cell phone when walking into church or a movie theater, or remove your shoes when walking into a friend’s clean home, when you walk in the doors of CrossFit No Boundaries, we ask that you temporarily remove and set aside the burdens of the day. The nagging stresses, the cloud that’s been following you all day, the anger or grief or disappointment -- leave it at the door. You are welcome to pick it back up on your way out (though you might just find yourself feeling like you don’t need to pick it back up again). It’s not that your challenges and stresses aren’t real or don’t matter. Quite the opposite, it’s that your capacity to handle them will be significantly improved if you can acknowledge their significance but put them aside for the hour, let us take the reins on setting the vibes, and give yourself space to move and breathe, unburdened.

While our primary purpose is coaching movement and improving fitness, our efforts are founded in a dedicated practice of focused effort on Development with a capital ‘D.’ This means that sometimes, the training stimulus will go far deeper than muscle physiology or the cardiorespiratory system.

You are worth your own investment of dedicated effort. So set it all aside for an hour, and give yourself the opportunity to fully invest in yourself, baggage-free.

- PS


  • Hang power clean - 3,3,3,3


  • 10 min AMRAP

    • 5 unbroken shoulder to overhead (135/95)

    • 10 unbroken hang power clean (135/95)

    • 15 unbroken deadlifts (135/95)

  • *if you break in the middle of a set, must rest and start that set over