Workout of the Day

Just Tell Me What I Want To Hear


Do you draw yourself towards the efforts that make you uncomfortable, or do you gravitate towards the path of least resistance?

While it may seem a little counterintuitive to lean harder into the thing that’s causing you pain, it may just be the best thing you can do for your own growth and development. I can’t guarantee you a 100% success rate with this method, but I can tell you that it has served me and countless other individuals who have come before me quite well. The things that sting most generally do so for a reason, and that reason probably has something to do with you as a person.

Consider, for example, an attribute of the so-called mirror effect. We see ourselves and our own traits in others, and as such, are often most upset with others when they exhibit traits that we subconsciously dislike about ourselves. When I find myself particularly bothered by someone’s lack of commitment, it’s a good sign that I may harbor some challenges with commitment myself. We can move beyond pop-psychology, too, and consider something as basic as physical training. The majority of the fitness industry is built on sales pitches paraded as comforting reassurances that you can have your cake and eat it too. It’ll only take 6 weeks, no heavy weights, nothing new or scary, it will be cheap or free, your process will be sealed in luxury and comfort -- and people fall for it again and again.

Are you following sales pitches and convenient lies that pad the walls and coat your world in placations? Or are you leaning into the admittedly uncomfortable process of growth and development?

- PS


  • 3 rounds for quality

    • 30s front scale hold (ea. leg)

    • 30s back scale hold (ea. leg)

    • 10 front scale to back scale (5/leg)


  • EMOM 16

    • Min 1: 5 plyo push-ups + max strict push-ups

    • Min 2: 5 box jumps (30”/24”) + max reverse lunges

    • Min 3: 10 lateral hurdle jumps + max air squats

    • Min 4: Rest