Workout of the Day

Jocko's Watch


If you’re not already familiar with Jocko Willink, I’ll spare you my third-hand extolment of his virtues and suggest that you go spend five minutes to look up who he is, and to read, watch, or listen to some content from Jocko to get a taste.

Jocko is known for a few standout qualities and habits, perhaps the most well-known of which is his early rise time. As a retired SEAL and a self-employed businessman, Jocko acknowledges that he has no need to get up early. He even acknowledges that he doesn’t necessarily enjoy getting up early, and that it’s something of a luxury that he is able to make the choice to rise before the sun. And still, every day, he is up before the crack of dawn -- as he says it, “up before the enemy.”

If you visit Jocko’s Instagram or Twitter, you will find an overwhelming number of black and white pictures of his Timex watch reading out a time around 4:30am -- sometimes earlier, rarely later -- with a short caption along the lines of “time to get after it.”

And you may think “this fool just posts a picture of his watch every day? And he has a quarter of a million people following him?” Yes. And really, he should probably have about 10x as many followers to his name. The same picture of the same hairy arm wearing the same watch taken every day isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing, but it’s the reminder you just might need...

Someone out there is up earlier. Someone out there is doing more with less available. Someone out there is working harder, longer, with more intent and focus. And that is a powerful reminder to get after it, because you can do more.

I, for one, plan to continue following Jocko for his daily picture of his watch.

- PS


  • Pull-ups - complete max unbroken pull-ups


  • 3 rounds

  • 90s AMRAP

    • 200m row

    • Max push jerks (135/95)

  • Rest 90s

  • 90s AMRAP

    • 200m row

    • Max pull-ups

  • Rest 90s