Workout of the Day

Jason Giambi and the Legendary Gold Thong


Former MLB first baseman and designated hitter, Jason Giambi, is best known for his time with the Oakland A’s and the New York Yankees, during which he received honors such as the American League MVP, multiple All-Star awards, and the Silver Slugger Award. What he is probably second best known for, though, is his superstitious practice of wearing a gold thong when he was desperate to get out of a hitting slump. And, according to Jason (and other teammates), it worked.

Before you go out and buy yourself a gold thong for your next big business meeting or sporting competition, consider why superstitions like this work. There is nothing magical about a gold thong or any other apparel, trinket, or ritual used to garner good fortune. What these superstitious behaviors lend to their users is the power of self-belief, as well as a little bit of a productive distraction. This has even been studied in the lab -- individuals who had their lucky charms had a higher degree of self-belief and better performance than those who did not have their lucky item. When Jason Giambi stepped up to the plate after a hitting slump, his not-so-magical gold thong was an active distraction from over-thinking his task and gave a boost to his belief in his capacities. In short, it worked because he believed it would work.

While it’s all well and good to have a little something extra you take with you on high-stakes endeavors to remind you of what you’re capable of, let this be a lesson that your potential is limited by your own beliefs.

Work to foster a greater belief in what you can do, and, provided you've laid the groundwork and put in the practice, you may just find yourself knocking it out of the park.

- PS


  • “Nutts”

  • For time:

    • 10 HSPU

    • 15 deadlifts (250/165)

    • 25 box jumps (30/24”)

    • 50 pull-ups

    • 100 wallballs (20/14)

    • 200 double-unders

    • 400 meter run with a (45/25lb) plate