Workout of the Day

It's the simple things...


There are a lot of smiles in our gym...a few groans and moans as well but mostly there are a lot of smiles.

Think about this the next time you walk into your gym.

If you're not smiling then maybe your in the wrong place. Your standard should be set sky high. If the people in your gym don't engage with you, don't inspire you, don't laugh with you, then you should find a place where they do. Don't settle for "good enough." Training is difficult as it is and if you're not happy to be there you're doing something wrong.

We take our exercise and our training serious around here, but not at the sacrifice of a welcoming handshake, a hearty laugh, a high five or a heart warming hug. The iron will always be there, it never changes...but it's cold and lifeless. The people behind you are the ones that truly make the struggle really worth it.

Find your group, your tribe, your gang, your people. Anything worth doing is worth doing right so put on a smile because you might as well be happy doing it as well.

Need a new spot? Give me a call I know just the place for you, 949-229-8049.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


Reps are tap and go only...load accordingly


6min AMRAP

15 American Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
20 Jumping Lunges