Workout of the Day

It's Not You, It's Me


Recently, I had a drawn out exchange with an organization that left me feeling uneasy, angry, and even victimized. Without going into the unnecessary details, I was expecting some important information from them -- information that had significant consequences for me -- and they were unresponsive, inattentive, and all-around unclear about the whole thing. This left me stewing in my own stress and anger for days. I thought of all the ways that they were being irresponsible and incompetent. I considered all of the poor business practices they were demonstrating -- I even thought at one point: “I could do a better job than them!” I thought of things I would say to tell them if I had the chance to speak my mind.

But here’s the thing: more than it was an offence against me, this situation was a mirror for my own personal challenges and inadequacies. I eventually realized that I was upset because the things they were doing were things that I don’t like about myself -- things that I have done and still do that I want to change. This situation stuck with me and stressed me out because it hurt to see my own flaws reflected back towards me. Sure, they had been somewhat irresponsible and negligent, and their business practices were shabby, and they did leave me in a pickle, but that was all irrelevant and out of my control. What I did control was how I approached the situation, planned for it, and responded to it. And beyond that, I have control over my behaviors when the roles are reversed I am the one that others depend upon.

You’re surrounded by mirrors to your own strengths and weakness, your desires and gratitudes. What upsets you most about others? Perhaps it’s for a good reason that has nothing to do with someone else and everything to do with you.

- PS


  • Strict press - 5x5


  • AMRAP 6

    • 15 supine grip barbell row

    • 15 DB floor press

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 6

    • 20 DB side bends (10/side)

    • 20 weighted Russian twist (10/side)