Workout of the Day

It All Adds Up


Nearing the close of our second week of the Whole Life Challenge, we’re seeing patterns begin to emerge. One of these patterns is that the “challenge” element is starting to get a bit easier, and the benefits are starting to become apparent. From looking at my own experience on the WLC and from my conversations with others, we’re starting to see the cumulative effects of making small, deliberate changes in our daily habits.

While changing any one of the habits addressed in the WLC would have a positive effect, the power of making small and manageable changes in all of the seven habits has a sweeping and self-perpetuating effect that you simply can’t get from looking at just one piece of the puzzle. Your positive changes in sleep habits positively affect your exercise habits, your positive changes in diet positively contribute to your sleep habits, your positive changes in lifestyle positively contribute to your dietary habits, and so on. The WLC chooses to address more than just nutrition or just exercise or just sleep for a reason: the web of connection between these different lifestyle factors runs too deep to ignore. Pull one up, and the rest will likely follow to some degree. Leave one ignored, and the rest will likely suffer. Address them all, and each will positively play into the others.

This “whole life” aspect of the WLC is also what contributes to making the habitual choices a little bit easier as we get deeper into the challenge. Rather than attempting to battle the opposing forces of changing one lifestyle habit while leaving the rest untouched, we address the lifestyle as a whole. We’re not interested in extreme, crash-course diets here. We want manageable, sustainable, and comprehensive changes.

- Preston Sprimont


  • 1 min max cal bike

  • 2 min rest

  • 1 min max cal row

  • Hand-over-hand rope sled pull - 4x100’ (AHAP)