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Most of them, injuries that is, don't require time off. They are not indicative of poor programming or poor coaching. Injuries are in fact a normal part of the life of an athlete...and you my friend are an athlete.

I hear two things all the time when talking to people about training. One thing is the "I don't want to get to big or bulky" comment and the other is the "I don't want to get hurt" comment. I'll repeat what I tell everyone "you have to do a lot of work to get big and bulky...and if someone does, it was most likely a predetermined goal." As for the injury comment I say this, "You can get hurt doing anything, you can get hurt tying your shoe or crossing the street, but doing nothing will cause a lot more physical pain in the long term."

So what happens when you do have a legitimate injury?

I'll tell you to come in...


Because in more cases than not we can help you. Richard and I, and now Lauren, have committed ourselves to helping you and those who are interested in getting help. We spend a ridiculous amount of time and resource acquiring knowledge and improving our skill sets to do that one thing, help people that want help. So don't shy away from training because something vocal, tell us. Also be prepared for an answer that will probably require some effort on your part.

Many of the injuries we see are due to the short cuts, the cherry picking, the disregard for proper training technique. We might have a few things to point out that you don't want anything to do with. Regardless of whether you are committed to getting better or not we do know how to help you.

How do we do that?

We do it with personal attention, scalable programming, experience, knowledge and a genuine concern for you!!! You'll get an individualized daily program that allows you to continue your training while addressing your injury. If we find something else is necessary we will most definitely give you homework to do. Depending on how that goes we might even tell you to make sometime with us one on one so we can really dig deep into whatever the problem may be.

That's straight up VIP, concierge service! Next time you check in to 24hr or LA Fitness ask them how they handle injuries...I wonder what form they'll hand you.

Remember that next time you are thinking about taking time off for an injury or wondering why people are willing to sacrifice so much for their "expensive" CrossFit gym.

I'm glad you came by today so we could chat...

-Lift Strong and Prosper

P.S. Have questions on how to fix yourself? Email me at

Today's Program

Fitness/ Performance

30 Min AMRAP

400m Run
400m Run
10 Sandbag Frontsquats