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At our deepest roots, as an organization, we are dedicated to helping individuals seek out and earn improved human performance. Hopefully these efforts, given enough time and dedication, will result in a state of human optimization or at the very least increased capacity. One way our GPP(General Physical Preparedness) program, CrossFit, accomplishes this is through the application of a constantly varied approach to training.

With a high level of variation, our students get thoughtful exposure to the best components of sport and fitness. Each component requires attention to the mechanics of movement and the consistency of practice. Although we use a broad view to define our program, success is earned through practicing at a much more specific level.

At face value, a back squat looks easy, but without a good eye to the mechanical aspect of the movement, progress will be significantly stunted. With other movement patterns, the need for specialization appears less obvious. At face value, the effort of running is commonly observed as relatively low skill, when in fact it is quite complex. The skill component in movement patterns like running is easy to overlook, giving students the opportunity to dismiss its importance.

Unfortunately, that is a naive approach to increasing one’s capacity. Whether we are running or back squatting there is always something that can be improved through specific attention to skill. If one avoids the practice of back squatting they cannot expect to improve their back squat and the same is true for running. While these practices may not always be the most dynamic they are indeed the fastest way to improve performance. Commit to the practice first, the rest will follow.

See you out there. #developyourself







05032020 - WOD

  • 3 rounds for quality

    • 10 hollow rocks

    • 20 seated arm swing

    • 20 wall march

    • 20 alt standing foot pulls

    • 10m alt foot pulls

  • In 10 rounds complete the following

*record your best interval and worst interval in the comments below

  • For quality

    • 3 x 20 calf raise