Workout of the Day

I Want You to Fail


Imagine going through school and never receiving any red ink on your work except for a big ol’ “A+” stamped at the top of every test, paper, and assignment. Sure, it would probably feel good, especially at the start. But a few things would pretty quickly happen.

First, you’d begin to question the value of that highly-coveted A+. Let’s assume that you did actually work hard on all of your assignments. Even so, spend long enough getting nothing but pure positive feedback, and a little voice inside is going to start questioning what that A+ really means. Is it real? Is it actually worth anything? Am I somehow cheating the system? If we assume you didn’t actually work hard for all of those perfect scores, the effects are even more dire.

Second, you’re probably going to stop caring all that much, and effort will decline. After all, you’re just being handed an A+ every time, why waste all that energy if the outcome always seems to be the same? Motives, however strong or weak, tend to lose power when they’re stuck in an environment without real feedback.

Third, you’re going to become downright fragile. If you receive nothing but high praise for the duration of your schooling career, you can expect to have something of a personal crisis when you do finally start to receive some negative feedback (see: real life).

The above analogy is a long way of explaining why I want and expect you to fail. It is my goal, in fact, to actively find ways for you to fail, and to fail safely and constructively.

Failure can be terrifying, especially if we’re unaccustomed to it. But to have an environment in which failure is not only accepted and expected, but is recognized as a sign that you are exploring your limits and seeking growth and opportunity, is absolutely invaluable. These are the lessons you carry with you forever, and with which you can affect your life in ways far beyond what happens in the gym.

Fail on!

- PS


  • 12 min EMOM

    • Min 1: Max unbroken HSPU

    • Min 2: Max unbroken strict chin-ups

    • Min 3: Max unbroken pistols R

    • Min 4: Max unbroken pistols L


  • 3 rounds for quality:

    • 12 hollow rocks

    • 25’ handstand walk

    • 12 hanging hip touches