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I Haven't Always Been Like This


Of all the common misconceptions about gyms and fitness cultures like the one here at No Boundaries, perhaps the most unfortunate and harmful is the assumption that everyone in this gym or already a part of this culture is just “a fit person.” This misconception is particularly harmful for a few reasons.

First, it is untrue. The fittest among us did not just start out that way, and while everyone’s condition is of course a product of some level of genetic influence, both in the positive and negative direction, no one has a 500lb back squat or a 5 minute mile without some dedicated effort committed to a practice. And so this assumption that when you walk into a gym you’re just walking into a club where fit people hang out and do their fit person thing is both patently untrue and entirely unfair to everyone involved. When someone enters the gym and sees Johnny squatting 500lbs and assumes that “he’s just a really strong guy, I guess,” they are effectively discrediting the hours of hard work that in fact got him there.

This way of thinking is also harmful because it, by nature, precludes the person who is looking from the outside in from entering these imagined ranks of “fit person.” Going back to our strong friend Johnny, when Dave walks into the gym for the first time and sees Johnny working away on his 500lb squat and assumes that Johnny is “just a really strong guy,” Dave is also telling himself that he (Dave) cannot be a strong guy, because it’s something that either is or isn’t. This deleterious way of thinking is ultimately a way of letting yourself off the hook. When the world is viewed through the lens of a fixed mindset, the power to change one’s condition is effectively non-existent, and it’s more a matter of accepting your lot and moving on. Strong or weak. Fit or unfit. Beautiful or ordinary. Smart or dumb.

If you were to approach any individual that falls into this “fit” category and ask them how they got so fit, there’s a good chance that the gist of their story would be “I haven’t always been like this.” Strong people used to be weak, fast people used to be slow, lean people used to be overweight, and fit people haven’t always been fit. Fitness is a matter of what’s earned, not given.

- PS


  • Front squat - 3rm


  • 12 min EMOM:

    • Min 1: 20s max keg C&P (AHAP)

    • Min 2: 20s max front squat (50% 1rm)