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As professionals in the fitness world, the last seven days have provided us with countless, emails, pictures, and videos of people exercising. The messages often start with, “is it alright if I do this exercise or that exercise. What do you think of this workout? Is it good?”

I have a secret to share with everyone.

It all works, whatever Instagram and Youtube inspiration you find is indeed real fitness. The simple fact that people are continuing to place a priority on health through fitness is a magnificent movement that we champion. We have always subscribed to the fact that fitness is freely available. We provide a free daily workout right here on our website. Hopper style or randomized exercise is in fact fitness as well, it’s just random. To be clear I am not saying that any of these are bad. I would argue that sometimes they are absolutely appropriate. I just want to be clear on what the intention is.

Quite often the intention is just as non-specific as the program.

Thoughtful variance, on the other hand, takes into account a progression and a plan to achieve a specific outcome. In our program, we are searching for performance. Even in the digital space, we are still seeking adaptation and growth. Our students participate in a program that builds and tests through direct coaching and a thoughtful approach to programming.

We believe that each application of training should have an intention, a purpose. There should be a goal beyond sweating or a good burn. After all, sweat is a function of thermoregulation and a good burn is feeling we get from increased blood flow. We believe that we can do better and that we should do better. Choose a program that encourages your growth and development. It would be our pleasure to help you. Give us a call, 949-229-8049, or send us an email we’ve got exactly what you need.

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03272020 - WOD

  • Tabata

    • Perform :20 work and :10 rest of the following alternating movements

      • Lateral jumps

      • Front to back jumps

  • 3 rounds for quality

    • In an ascending ladder sequence, at tempo, perform each movement in order before moving up the ladder

      • 1-2-3-4-5 Australian pull-ups(1010)

      • 2-4-6-8-10 push-ups(1010)

      • 3-6-9-12-15 squats(1010)

*record total time in the comments

  • Tempo run

    • Run 8min out

    • Return with a negative split(<8:00)

*record total time in the comments