Workout of the Day

I Can't Do That!


On the first day of classes, teachers will generally provide a syllabus for their students: a summary of learning objectives, subjects covered, major assignments and due dates, rules and guidelines, and what the student can generally expect to leave the class with at the end of the semester. And if you’re playing your cards right (read: in education for the right reasons), you should look through this syllabus and see a bunch of things that you don’t fully understand yet. Because that’s the point. If you’re enrolling yourself in a course on basic woodworking, you should be doing so because you don’t know the basics of woodworking and would like to learn, and the professor should have no expectation that you will enter the course with anything more than a cursory understanding of woodworking. So when you come to class on day one and don’t know how to properly use a hand plane yet, that’s okay. It’s exactly why your there.

The same principle applies to our fitness school. When you enroll at CrossFit No Boundaries, you do so with the understanding that you are here to learn and develop new skills and capabilities -- a point that we emphasize in our intro session that every prospective student at No Boundaries goes through -- and we have no expectation that you will know how to perform a snatch or be capable of performing a muscle-up or a handstand walk. And so when the program for the day calls for muscle-ups or heavy overhead squats or a long distance run, or any other number of things that make you think, “well I can’t do that,” that’s okay. We don’t expect you to be able to do it, yet. You are here to learn, not show off what you already know. Our GPP course is as much a class for improving physical capacities such as strength and endurance as it is a class for learning, developing, and refining new and challenging skills. You’re here to work on the things you can’t do yet, because that’s the only way to move the needle closer.

So next time you think to yourself “I can’t do that,” know that that’s exactly why you’re here. See you in class.

- PS


  • Sumo deadlift - 1rm


  • 4 rounds:

  • 60s max KB swing (70/53)

  • 30s rest

  • 60s max DUs

  • 30s rest